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Lighthouse Grace Church is an organisation connected to the whole Body of Christ and affiliated with UNITED COVENANT CHURCHES OF CHRIST Inc. USA

Our primary Goal is to Represent Jesus and His Kingdom here on Earth, to extend the Love of God towards all people and to give hope to those that have no hope. We preach the good tidings to the poor, bring healing to the broken-hearted,  proclaim liberty to the captive, open the prison of those who are bound, proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord,

(Isaiah 61: 1-3) and also to bring the body of believers together to worship the King of Kings. 

We also believe that Community work is very important and we encourage our church to engage in genuine fellowship with each other and to receive those around us with open arms. Our ministry is not a ministry of condemnation, because God gave us the ministry of reconciliation.

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Our Board of References
  • Bishop Peter Barnes - Grace Church, Cape Town. South Africa

  • Bishop Eric D. Garnes UCCC USA

  • Bishop Adonijah O. Ogbonnaya USA

  • Dr John Yates,  Perth WA

  • Rev Andrew Beel, Perth WA

  • Pastor Chinyama Kangombe, Perth WA

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Senior Pastor

Bishop John Pop is the Senior Pastor at Lighthouse Grace Church.
Following in the steps of his Father and Grandfather, Pastor John is the third generation of Gospel Ministers from his family.

John's first meaningful encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ was at the age of fourteen, when he was baptised with the Holy Spirit. God's Power is present in Pastor John's life through Spiritual and Physical healing in the Body of Christ.

He started preaching from a young age and his passion for the WORD OF GOD was manifested through reciting thousands of Bible verses from memory. At a very young age, Pastor John was a part of a strong movement of God in a church that grew from a few hundred, to over three thousand members.

John is a Consecrated Bishop with his credentials under the United Covenant Church of Christ in USA.

Pastor John believes that the FOUR most important Pillars of building a strong and purpose driven church are:

  • Preaching the word of God without apology

  • Lifting up the Name of Jesus in Worship

  • Believing in the power of prayer

  • Commitment to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Evangelism

John has a Master in Theology, Honours Degree in Ministry, a Bachelor's Degree in  Apostolic and Christian Counselling, from Team Impact Christian University and also the Dean at Powerhouse College International School of Ministry, since 2018 and Professor at Divinity College Consortium 

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Refer to attached document titled

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To be a place where LOVE and GRACE WORKS

We believe that God called us to be:

A LOCAL CHURCH in Nature but part of a Global Family with WORLDWIDE IMPACT. A church that is Apostolic in Calling, Visionary in Nature and Prophetic in Activity.

A  CHURCH with only one Head which is Jesus Christ and everyone as a member of His Body. A CHURCH that has a mandate for the end times. Impacting the Local and International Community. A CHURCH that raises up Champions and leaders, ready to be part of the coming Harvest. A CHURCH that learns how to worship the Lord, preparing a platform for the Holy Spirit to Lift Up The name of Jesus in worship. A CHURCH big enough to have worldwide IMPACT but small enough to Care for everyone that walks through its doors.

We believe that God called us to be:

A CHURCH with a mandate to  " SET THE CAPTIVE FREE".  A CHURCH with great compassion for the oppressed, the orphans, widows and sick.  A place where we care for the wounded ones.  A place of restoration.  A place of healing. A place that has its doors open to everyone. A CHURCH that a fathers heart will be turned to his children.

We believe that God called us to be:

A CHURCH that by worshiping Jesus will attract the Presence of God in her midst so strong that Lives will be changed, families restored,  communities impacted  and  nations Changed . A CHURCH that will have revelation on the WORD OF GOD with power to change lives. Preaching the word without apologies and without partiality. Training and equipping preachers for the great harvest.

We believe that God called us to be:

A CHURCH that the whole household can be involved in from the BABY to the GRANDPARENTS, No matter of age or gender you can be involved in the Kingdom of God. A CHURCH that will raise up a young  generation that will have national and international impact.

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Pastor John & Florica Pop

Senior Pastor - Pastoral Care

Founding LGC Board Members 2014

Pastor Heiko & Mildred Thiede

Associate Pastor, Elder & Ministry Team 

Leo & Mhaey Cortez

Worship Leader & Ministry Team

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Prayer Team

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Missionary Outreach Team

Sandy Borland

Elder & Ministry Team

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Local Outreach Team

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Youth Ministry Team

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